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Horizon Entertainment has been providing excellent DJ services since 1992. Our DJs bring magic wherever they go, whether they're working a wedding, bat/bar mitzvah, or corporate event. We'll work with you to create the perfect atmosphere for your event - from fun to elegant and everything in between.

When you choose a company to take care of your musical needs, you need to be certain that they can to blend all of YOUR wishes with THEIR knowledge of music. The perfect mix creates an elixir of the right music and a great atmosphere to make your occasion extra special.

Where it began...

The founder of Horizon Entertainment, Michael Cowles, began his journey into music and the thrill of entertaining from childhood. This in turn led him to following his father's footsteps into the US Army albeit as a broadcast journalist with a focus on radio.

This foundational training and an innate entrepreneurial spirit propelled Mike to start his own DJ company, Horizon MusicFest, shortly after leaving the service. Built around the idea that fun can be had anywhere and at anytime, clients raved about Mike's work.

After a rebrand, Horizon Entertainment took off as one of the leading wedding and private entertainment companies in the Washington, DC area. Local vendors and clients have found exactly what they were looking for and we believe you will, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for clients?

While each client is different in an infinite number of ways, the way we approach working with our clients is consistent and polished based on decades of professional events.

1 |  Meet & Greet

We start with understanding your vision for the event and learning about your expectations as well as preferences for the entertainment. If all goes well, you can book our services.

2 |  Initial Planning Meeting

Your first planning meeting consists of providing you access and training you on your suite of online planning tools. Additionally, we begin the creative process of building your event's song playlist, laying out a draft timeline, and defining the MC moments.

4 |  Final Planning Meeting

While you can book as many planning meetings as you feel you need, two is generally what most clients go with. Your final planning meeting will occur within two weeks of your event and will help us finalize all of the details, music requests, announcements, and more.

5 |  Day of Event

We arrive early to your event in order to sound check the event space and change into our event attire. We will conduct the event as planned which generally means that we will be flexible to all unexpected occurrences to make sure everything feels polished and perfect based on your event vision.

What is your pricing?

Each event type requires different levels of effort, preparation, equipment, and vendor coordination therefore each requires different pricing which we will definitely discuss during our Meet & Greet.

How do we give you the music list we want used?

Music, announcements, vendor details, timelines, and more are all included in your suite of online tools. Within these tools, you will have access to create granular details or let us use our experience to guide the moments.

"Mike is a very professional and creative dj. He has plenty of ideas to make the entertainment lively and interesting. We look forward to working with him again soon."

Sophia Fraser
R&T Housing

"We were looking for a DJ that could deliver a corporate party unlike any before and we’re happy to say that Mike exceeded our expectations."

Alessandro Rutledge

"I can't thank Mike enough. As a groom, it was a blast to work with Mike. He masters capturing the ''feeling'' we wanted and guides you through his process step by step."

Max Duncan
MD Interior Design

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