our story

The Tupper/Cowles Clan started their company  in 1982 under the name Horizon MusicFest in Kaiserslautern Germany.   Taking care of clients and employees translated into long-term success and strong industry partnerships.  This philosophy laid the foundation for how the company would grow and succeed in the future.

Creating a love affair with people, music and parties became the company mission.

Horizon Musicfest came stateside in 1992.


Horizon Entertainment was born  in 2002 when the company did a complete migration from “old school” technology to the “totally digital” format,  using computers and flat screen monitors.  Robin Sheehan redesigned  the Horizon Website with a more modern appearance with the addition of online planning tools in-bedded within our website.

Things took a quantum leap forward in 2003 when Joanne Buzan took over chief of admin operations.

These two ladies helped steer the company into a new direction of “efficiency with a gentle touch” with the  addition of a distinctly  female perspective.

In 2003, we introduced our wireless audio connectivity.  It may be mainstream now, but we started the trend eleven years ago.  We are particularly proud of that accomplishment.

Evolving from the days of Vinyl, then to CD’s we helped revolutionize the industry in 2001 with the use of computer based WAV file and FLAC files, and then the advent of MP3 320 kbit arrived.

DJING now, we completely rely on computer based music libraries and we use online planning tools, timelines and music requests to manage the logistical details of our DJ events..

Even though we have evolved well into the present state of high tech operations,  we haven’t completely left our old fashioned ways behind.  Face-to-face client meetings, and client brainstorming sessions have reaped praise from not just our clients, but also our vendor partnerships. That is why we are on the preferred vendor lists or the exclusive vendor at some of the areas most desired venues.

Today, Horizon Entertainment and our current staff have embraced this simple, but powerful ideology of our founder. We know that if we take care of our clients and our employees, success will follow.  Setting higher expectations and embracing change is why so many clients love Horizon Entertainment. It may be why you will, too.