There was a time when weddings were reasonable and people did not go into debt over them.  We started out during that time when weddings were affordable  and we abide in that world today, at least when it comes to ourselves.

There are expensive DJ’s and there are cheap DJ’s,  we have priced ourselves somewhere in the middle because we think that the wedding industry has really gone to the extreme when it comes to pricing and we don’t think that’s justified.

Many DJ’s hype who they are, hype what they can do, and hype almost everything.  We don’t think that’s necessary at all.

So why hype the price?

We have different packages and pricing is based on that, and we often customize, which is why we encourage you to call us and discuss your event details with us.

Our average price is $1200 but our prices start at $800 for our basic core DJ package.

If you hire us, you will have a great event, a great party, where people will dance and sing and celebrate and leave happy with great memories.  That is not hard to do, and it’s what we inspire people to do  every time.